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Mini Marts
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Friday, June 29, 2012

Capri - One Month!*

She just melts my heart! A firefighter's girlfriend is starting a photography business and wanted to practice on Capri! Practice? Really? Look like she has been doing this for years! I LOVED the pictures!
Top Left: Ready for her first day at church, 3 days old
top Right: First beach day,  1 month
Bottom Left: Family day at Kimo & Auntie Donna's, 10 days old
Bottom Right: Sleeping with Daddy, 2 days old 
All wrapped up in her snuggly blanket! Thank you Zia! 12 days old

One Month Update:
  • You have put yourself on a great eating schedule (every 3 hours). EBF, of course. 
  • Not so lucky with sleep! You are random throughout the day. And are ALWAYS wide awake when we want to go to bed! No matter if it's 9pm or midnight! But once we get you to sleep (usually on Daddy's chest) you sleep soundly, except to eat every three hours.
  • Your big Brother is so sweet with you! He is concerned when you cry and searches for a binky. He loves to take baths with you! He sings songs to you (some we all know and some he made up.) He asks to hold you and kisses you all over! He loves your toes! He does NOT like when Mommy nurses you, but we are working through this! 
  • Daddy got to stay home with us for 3 weeks while we adjusted! 
  • You search and move your head around when Daddy or Mommy walk into the room talking.
  • You are great with tracking things with your eyes. 
  • You don't mind tummy time! We let you sleep on your tummy at night sometimes, shhhh don't tell the doctors! I will admit I don't sleep as well on those nights and check on you often.
  • You sleep in your bassinet in our room. On really rough nights we let you snuggle between us! 
  • You have already been to a wedding at 9 days old! Daddy and Mommy were all teary at the thought of giving you away one day! 
  • We fall more in love with you every day!

That's a wrap for now! Ok, Ok, one more set pictures because I can't resist!

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