Mini Marts

Mini Marts
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Friday, June 29, 2012

Sink or Swim*

Learning to float!
This is on DAY 3!
Jeremy is in swim lessons! We are doing a Mommy and Me class. I love it! It's a 2 week class and he was swimming by the end of it! I think the time with me has been really good for him too. Just mommy and J, where Capri is not involved!

Daddy got to come a few days.
Ok, truth be told. . . The instructor asked if there were any days
Daddy could come because I kept "saving" him in the exercise below. 
DAY 2. . .
Pull J into the pool under water
Turn him around and let him swim to the wall.
He olds onto the wall until I come to him.
This technique is teaching him how to fall in the pool and swim to the wall immediately.
It was really rough for me to watch him struggle to get to the wall. 

On the first day. . .
We had to get out early because J was falling asleep in the pool.
As soon as we got out and wrapped  up he fell asleep on me! 
Left: Jumping off the wall! Day 5
Top right: Swimming on his own! Day 4
Middle: Diving to the bottom for rings. Day 3
Bottom: Swimming from Mommy to Daddy, Day 5

Auntie came to hold Capri for most of the sessions.
We put her in to pool the last day to get her use to the water.

Here's a few videos:

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