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Mini Marts
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Friday, June 29, 2012

You know your a Mom when. . .*

This is a collection from friends on Facebook. I love them! 
  1. You whistle or sing the tunes from toys or TV shows when the kids are napping.
  2. You become a pro at doing things one handed.
  3. Make up is no longer a necessity to get you and the kids out the door on time.
  4. Date Nights are SO relaxing!
  5. When walking around the house, you instinctively walk over toys. By the end of the day, you think, "How did I not trip on these all day."
  6. You have been exposed to poop, pee, vomit and possibly a tantrum before most people get out of bed!
  7. You find yourself curdled up in a toddler bed because there is nothing better then sleepy cuddles with your 2 year old. 
  8. You find hot wheels cars, half eaten suckers and barbie shoes in your purse.
  9. You are changing a diaper and a poop blast all over you and the carpet doesn't phase you or the mommy friends you have over.
  10. When a boggery juicy baby kiss melts your heart!!
  11. You step out of the shower and your hubby says, "Um, your leaking." You scramble to get a bottle because you don't want to loose the precious drops of boob juice!
  12. When going shopping by yourself feels like a vacation and going on a family vacation feels like work.
  13. You used to dread getting stuck at train tracks, now you are hoping for one to see the glee on that little one's face!
  14. Floaters in the bathtub are no biggie
  15. You can function better on 4 hours sleep than you can with 9.
  16. You're in the grocery store, some one whines, "mommmm", you respond with, "what" then remember you didn't bring your kids.
  17. You can only laugh when your toddler takes a black marker to your white bed sheets.
  18. You don't bother with perfume because it will be masked by the scent of sour breast milk in no time.
  19. When you realize being a MOM is the best job in the world. (This one is from my Aunt. So sweet that she supports my job 100%)
  20. I love you brings a whole new meaning.
  21. You are 1/2 down your street when you realize you don't have any shoes on.
  22. When, before you had kids, you'd hear a screaming child & see a frustrated mom & think "geeze, control your kid" you look at her with understanding & say "I get it!"
  23. You enjoy buying and doing things for your kids rather then treating your self.
  24. You're eating In-N-Out and you give your last french fry to your 4 year old.
  25. When you can change a diaper and kiss a boo boo at the same time.
  26. Sex becomes the new sleep. "Was last night good, baby. YES! We slept 5 hours straight!"
  27. When a little one falls in the pool, 3 other people jump in  and you are moved to tears.
  28. BIG family hugs are what you look forward to the moment Daddy walks in the door from being gone 4 days!
  29. The baby pees on your bed just between removing the old diaper and putting the new one on and you put a towel down and go back to sleep.
  30. You get excited at bowl movement intervals (this one is from B!)

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