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Monday, January 13, 2014

Our Preschool Decision

Jeremy started preschool this year. He goes Tuesday and Thursday from 9am-12pm. I was a preschool teacher at The Grove Preschool before kids. I loved it! I truly believe preschool helps kids with their social interaction, spiritual growth and introduction to education. I was able to hand pick his teachers. I know them well, so I was at ease with the fact that I was leaving my precious son for 6 hours a week in the hands of loving teachers that would pour into him socially, spiritually and educationally. We talked to him about it many times in the months before. He was interested to go. Excited on the day of his open house. 

Our "plan" (I put it in quotes because, we make plans and God laughs, knowing His plan is always better) was to have the kids go to preschool for 2 years then start homeschooling with Kindergarden. We wanted them to get the feel and structure of school by going so it was already instilled in them when we start at home. 

He enjoyed school while he was there. 

However, each morning we got up to get ready he didn't want to go. He didn't really fight me but he said multiple times that he didn't want to go and he wanted to stay home with Lulu and I. I asked many open ended questions trying to get a reason. He said there was nothing wrong at school, he liked his friends, he liked his teachers, but he just wanted to be home. We were making his Christmas card for this teacher, I asked what he wanted it to say, "Thank you for being my teacher but I don't like to go to school." 
What a sweet thing to hear from your child! It was breaking my heart! The battle I was facing was difficult. I didn't want him to think he could quit things he didn't care for. But there are SO many other situations we can teach this lesson! 

The ONLY days he did want to go were days we would be there with him.
While talking through our decision to keep him in school or allow him to stay home. One thought we had was that there was so much free time at home maybe he was resisting the structure at school. To test this theory out we added an hour of school work each day while Capri took her morning nap. We changed the type of work each day tracing pages, comprehension worksheet, science projects, etc. He LOVED it! He said, "Why do I need to go to school if you can teach me at home?" This kid is just too smart! 

From top left: Riding in the truck, doing school pages, science project with friends,
reading Lego magazine, playing in the rain, school pages on the patio, making tamales, painting,
using pipe cleaners to make hate with strainers, finger painting, gathering eggs, play dates,
Cutting practice, sorting marbles, digging in the dirt, fixing sprinklers, playing with playdoh.

In addition to his resistance to school, it has now been 4 months. I am on limited lifting and movement with this pregnancy. So taking him to and from while lifting Capri in and out of the car seat was another factor. 

The final decision. . . We decided he will be staying home. 

We explained to him that we love him and respect that he went for 4 months and we also respect that he wants to be home. He knows about the restrictions with the pregnancy and that played a factor. At this point, I think we will play next year by ear. 

Now my preschool teacher mind is going crazy with all the fun things we can do! But more importantly, my mommy mind is at ease and not feeling the struggle of wanting to keep my boy close! 

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