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Mini Marts
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Friday, January 24, 2014

Pregnancy Update 27 Weeks

They are saying, "Baby stay in!"
Little Miss is weighing in at almost 2 pounds, about the size of a coconut, and measuring 14 1/2 inches.
She has developed waking and sleeping patterns, although I can't tell. It seems she is always awake! Even in the middle of the night when I wake up to pee! She is opening and closing her eyes and her brain development is more active. 

One week down of bed rest, 10 more to go! That number seems unimaginable! I have to take each day one at a time or I get overwhelmed thinking about the amount of time. And being anxious about it or stressed is only going to make it worse for the baby. They say at 28 weeks, doctors cold sustain her life if she were born this early. So our prayer this week is, 7 more days! Of course we would rather 10 more weeks, but I need short term goals to keep sane! I still seem to have no symptoms from the progesterone. I am waking up a few times a night sweating! But I'm pretty sure that's a pregnancy symptom, not related to the progesterone. We have a doctor's appointment next Wednesday. I'm so thankful! I need to see MY doctor and get some clear orders of her opinion on how we should handle this. The doctor's I saw at the hospital had opposing views! 
I'll see ya next week! 

They were playing outside all day! I love the dirt on their faces! 

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