Mini Marts

Mini Marts
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Monday, January 13, 2014

Pregnancy Update 25 weeks

Our little girl is about 13 inches long, weighing 1 1/2 pounds, putting her at about the size of a Cauliflower.
She is gaining some baby fat this week growing more hair, if we could see it,
we'd be able to discern its color and texture.
I am having trouble with my sciatic nerve this week! The baby is really sitting on it. I got a massage, she was able to relieve it but as soon as I stood up, the little girl went right back to her comfy spot. I've been a;tenanting hot and cold and changing my sleeping position to sleep on my left side. Some days are better then others. I had the pain with Jeremy and Capri but this one is much worse. My hip would give out from time to time with the other 2 but I could catch it and it wasn't every day. This pregnancy is every day and I have fallen a few times! Luckily, since I am homebound haven't fallen in public! Or hurt anything! 
The kids are getting used to our new "home body" routine. Capri is coming up with new ways to do things!  She carries a step stool around to get up on things like the bed, couch, chairs! She is pretty clever! She understands I can't pick her up and asks me to go to the couch to read or snuggle or change her diaper. We decided to take Jeremy out of preschool. It was a long discussion, filled with advice form anybody that would listen! You can read about it here: Our Preschool Decision. So. . .  I have been homeschooling him. He loves it! I really enjoy it too! Capri gets to be a part of it and learn as well! 
I DO get cabin fever a little. When Bobby gets home I'm happy to go to the grocery store! We went on date that included a romantic dinner and a trip to Babies R Us! Ha! But the good news is that we fit 3 carseats in our 4runner, meaning we don't have to BUY A NEW CAR!! Thank you Jesus!! We also scored 50% off an infant carseat with coupons! 

Before I leave you I wanted to share another picture from this week! I love how Capri is looking up at me! She's so sweet! Jeremy was with Gigi this week, that's why he isn't in it. 

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