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Mini Marts
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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Heidi-Rae Update: 8 & 9 Months

 I have to do 2 months together again! December was crazy busy AND full of sickness :(. It's so sad to watch my babies fight off sickness! Here goes. . .


Contrary to that picture, Little Love is keeping a steady 18 pounds. She has a a thin build, like Jeremy.


We battle a cold in early December. The cough still lingers. I'm thankful that her first real cold was at 8 months! Breastmilk for the WIN! Right around Christmas Heidi developed a rash on her skin. I thought it was an allergic reaction to some supplements I'm taking for increased milk supply (I'm trying to increase my supply to help a friend out.). Turns out it was Impetigo, basically a bacterial skin infection. it didn't bother her, she wasn't scratching. Just a little fussier then normal, which come to find out she was cutting 2 teeth! My poor girl! It was a bad combo! And her teething necklace needed to be replaced. Cheers to a healthy January!


We hold strong to our 10am and 1:30pm naps. Bedtime is around 8pm, with feedings at 3am and 6am. She is usually up for the day around 7am. She is sleeping in her room, at the end of the hall! EKK! That was really hard for me to  do. In fact, I did it by accident, the first time. I was putting the older 2 to bed and out Heidi in the crib to play while I rallied Jeremy and Capri. I went get Heidi for our Bible story. . . she was asleep! And she slept until 6am! Sigh. . . I still bring her in bed with us in the morning for her feeding.
She has developed a love for tags!

Hanging out at church in Mommy's favorite outfit!

Most of the 6 month clothes are put away. And I am struggling to find my 9 month bin from Capri! Arg! We have one that was 6-9. I am making that work but I am going to borrow from a friend!
Sleeping on Daddy's chest!!

Visiting Daddy's station!
This little girl is proving to be a social butterfly, just like her siblings! Although, she loves to go places she usually only wants Mommy and Daddy! She really doesn't like to be help by anybody else. Well, most of the time she lets her Gigi hold her if I am around. I am not complaining ONE BIT! I LOVE having a Mama's girl!! The other 2 are very PRO Daddy! I am keeping my baby attached as long as possible!
Annual Christmas Eve party!

Brotherly/Sisterly Love

The love these 3 share is immeasurable! We love to sit back and just watch them interact. Jeremy and Capri can make Heidi laugh like nobody else can!!


My little girl LOVES to nurse!! I love it! She is so easy  going about it! Generally, she eats about every 3 hours. But, if I won't be around at he 3 hour mark, she'll go early or later. She just goes with the flow! We have given her a few things to chew on as teething toys: Jicima, carrots, celery, apples. I have given her apples in the fruit net thing. She doesn't like it! I have also tried smashed and chucked bananas. . . NOPE! We'll stick with breastmilk for now!


WHEW! Since my last post she has started SO much!! Where is all the time with my last baby going? It's flying by leaving a mama in the dust!!

  • Crawling!
  • Pulling to standing and walking along furniture
  • Waving and clapping
  • She loves her walker! 
  • Mimicking more sounds: Mama, Dada, Hi 
  • She got her toes painted!
Cutest little baby toes! Painted teal by my nail lady!


Easy going is the best way to describe Heidi-Rae. She doesn't mind going places or eating whenever I can get to it. She smiles at everybody! She LOVES to watch her brother and sister perform for her. She wants to be right next to Mama.

Post Pardum

I have decided to take this portion out. I just can't get back to the shape I want right now. And each month I come to it. it weights on me (no pun intended). At this point, I need to be content with the way my body is for my kids. I am able to keep up with them, most days I don't sit down until nap time and then bedtime. This is the body God has given me for this time in my life. Sure, I would pay for a gym membership and figure out a time frame that works with naps and all but at what cost? Missing time with my kids and paying an additional fee and stress of finding someone to watch them? It's just not worth it.

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