Mini Marts

Mini Marts
All 5 of us!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

In a nutshell. . .

It is my vision to be able to write once a week about the happenings in the Mini-Mart house. I really feel like I am missing out on recording fun activities, family memories, milestones, etc, etc because I am not diligent enough to journal them. My life is crazy! But I want to have time to record all of this and have something to look back on when i am missing the crazy!
Here goes. . . .

This week we have been dealing with sickness! Blah! It seems to be a slow onset. So far we are on day 5 of Capri, day 2 with Jeremy, Heidi seems to have escaped it, one point for breastmilk! I have the stuffiness and sore throat but no throwing up or cough. Thank you Jesus! The kids being sick makes for a crazy-can't-clean-or-catch-up kind of week! Jeremy has been home from school. We do pages in his workbook when we can.

Bobby officiated his 2nd wedding ceremony! AJ (the groom) worked with B's uncle Terry. Terry sent him to see B to get advice on how to become a firefighter! 12 months later he has gone through all the steps and is in the hiring process! Talk about motivation! He is also getting married and asked B to perform the wedding! They have developed a sweet friendship! I just adore watching B "do the Lord's work." It makes me so proud to be his wife!

We finished up a Marriage Class we have been facilitating! It's called Dynamic Marriage. Check out the link! It's an awesome class on digging into your marriage and taking it from average to DYNAMIC!

We also had a family-hangout-get-together day and Kimo and Auntie Donna's! Would you believe that on November 9 it was 90* and we had a SWIM party??? The kids had a blast!

That's all for this week! Catch you next week when we tell you about our weekend get a way!! Ooooo!!!

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