Mini Marts

Mini Marts
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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Jeremy 4 1/2 years Update

He rides a 2 wheeler now!

Jeremy is such a sweet kid! He loss to show people he loves them. He constantly has ideas on things we can do to bring somebody something or do something to make them feel special! I love his heart!

This kid is a jokester! He crake us p all the time! He constantly asks me to teach him new jokes. Once he has them memorized, he tells anybody he can! His favorite: What do you call a nosy pepper? JalapeƱo business!

Me: Jeremy, do you remember we talked about only kissing family. That means Daddy, Mommy, sissys and grandparents? You can't kiss Olivia.
J: Why?
Me: She's not your have to save your kisses for your wife.
J: Well, I want to marry her one day and she will be my wife, so why can't I kiss her now?

Gigi: Jeremy I'm looking for my phone
J: Your brain has a book when you can't find something you open it to the page and you find it.

Me: Jeremy let's put you back to a baby.
J: noooooo mom I'm a grown man boy Jeremy 4! I can't go back now!

I'm going on a boat. I'm going north east

Strawberry ice cream coffee that tastes like strawberry ice cream coffee, it's good for you so you can have as much as you want. Burp Carmel coffee, it doesn't taste like Carmel, when you burp it up to taste Carmel.

Song in his head about how he slept in "against all that reading! And was sleeping like a fish! Like a fish!"
"my feet have to be naked if they are on the trampoline! "

While Praying. . . Thank you for Legoland. I can't Wait to go again. I had so much fun, I can't so thinking about it because I keep telling me mom and dad I know they we'll get to go again"

 Learning about Paul in prison, Jeremy said, "I wouldn't be scared." The teacher asked "why?" Jeremy said, "because God would be with me!" The teacher said, "yes! Exactly!"

Called grandma "probiotic"

Something I thought I would never have to say, "you can NOT karate chop your penis"

He loves his sisters! 

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