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Mini Marts
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Sick Little Boy!*

This may be a bit boring and detailed for most of you BUT I know this will be a month of my life I will want to look back on when the kids are grown.......

It all started 3 weeks ago with a morning filled with 7 diapers (before 10 am)! So,I think, "Ok, Jeremy has the stomach flu." It lasted 3 days... not quiet as bad as 7 diapers but I still needed to be on top of him and change him ASAP!

About a week later, he developed a cough. *sigh* After 3 days of a painful cough we took a trip to urgent care (I prefer our network's Urgent Care than the Doctor's office. We got in and out and had the prescription in our hands within an hour! Although, I DO love our doctor, sometimes the wait is just too long!)
Diagnosis: Turns out my little boy has a throat & ear infection, along with chest congestion.
Treatment: Antibiotics for 5 days, humidifier at night, and lots of lovin! If he is not better in 5 days, go in to see our Doctor.

Day 5 rolls around and he is still sick!  But it's Saturday, so we wait until Monday morning.
Diagnosis: He still has the ear and throat infection, and his chest congestion has turned into bronchitis.
Treatment: Another round of super strong antibiotics and Prednisone for 5 days. Continue with humidifier.
**Note: By this time we have started construction on Jeremy's room to put in a new window. So he has been sleeping in our room in a play pen. He wakes up every night at about 2am wanting to sleep in our bed. We let him. So, now we are on a habit of him sleeping with us and us not really sleeping because he is such a wiggle worm! But we can't let him cry it out while he is IN our room, then nobody would sleep! We will break this habit when his room is finished.

On day 3, the antibiotics are giving him diarrhea so bad he has developed a rash with in hours that's blistering! He screams when I change his diaper. One of us has to hold him down so we can clean his little bum. Wipes hurt so, we use a wash cloth. Ahh Poor Baby boy! He is coughing but only at night. Another trip to Urgent Care!
Diagnosis: Diarrhea is a common side effect for all antibiotics from the ear & throat infection and bronchitis. Doctor thinks the coughing at night is due to allergies.
Treatment: Rx of diaper cream for the rash, discontinue antibiotics because he has now had 8 days of them and his symptoms are gone. For allergies, Benedryl is the morning and Claritin in the evening for 5 days. Continue the Predinisone for 2 more days. Keep the humidifier going. 

Now the humidifier has decided to be difficult and only work 1/2 the time! ARG! Can we get a break? "Yes, Kierra the break is that you have great health insurance to take care of your sick little boy."

Where was I? . . . . We are on day 18 of all kinds of sicknesses! At this point, I'm battling putting more drugs into his body vs just wanting him to feel better and get healthy! We have not had to deal with a sick child often. He has been a pretty healthy baby!  We decide to go with the allergy plan but only stick with it for 2 days. We feel like Jeremy has been showing great signs of improvement and back to himself. We continue with the diaper cream until the rash is completely gone. 

So, he's healthy. . . we are over the hump right? We can reschedule all the play dates and dinner at people's houses we had to cancel on while J was sick, right? Ok, let's do it. . . Get back on our routine.

Not 3 days later. . . We are up at 3am with a little boy who us throwing up every hour! *sigh* 
There is this pain that tugs at my heart strings when there is NOTHING I can do to make my son feel better. After over 20 days of miserable sickness, of every kind I don't know what to do to make him feel better. I hold him and comfort him as best I know how but it still doesn't feel like it's enough. By the mid afternoon the diarrhea is back and a fever is added to it. Bobby was home with him for most of the morning being the best Daddy ever! It's 10pm and I think he is feeling better. He fell asleep on my chest tonight, which is such a great reminder that my job as a Mommy is a blessing that I treasure so very much. 

I absolutely love the snuggles he gives when he is sick. . . . 


  1. how annoying. i commented twice and just realized they never went through! long story short, we will keep your j (and yours and bobby's health) in prayer... our J has had a sinus infection for over 2 weeks that is finally starting to go away with this round of antibiotics (which she also got a rash from... her doc said 50/50 lemotrin- for athletes foot- and a&d since it looks like a yeast rash flared up by the antibiotics)... hopefully our j's will be well enough to have a playdate in feb!

  2. Thanks for the info! YES! We need a play date!! It's a necessity!