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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Heidi Rae: NICU Day 2

Daddy talking to his girl! He did snuggle with her today but I didn't get a picture! Darn!

We got confirmation that Heidi-Rae has pneumonia based on her blood tests and chest X-ray. That means, at least, 7 days in the hospital. They will re-evualuate each day.

We still have not been able to try to nurse. With the CPAP machine they are worried she will aspirate milk. They moved her to a level 4, which is not much higher then a nasal canulla. If she tolerates it well, tomorrow they will take the machine off and switch to a nasal canulla, a clear tube in her nose that only gives her oxygen. And she will be able to nurse. In the meantime, pumping has picked up a scooch. Iam  filling the very bottom of the bottle, in my 20 minute, every 3 hour pump sessions. Every drop counts. Did you know my milk is making specific antibodies HER body needs to fight whatever she has going on?? God truely is amazing! I started taking fenugreek and blessed thistle to help increase my supply. I want to be ahead of the game. I asked the nurse to put in her chart that I don't want her to recieve ANY formula. So, When the time comes to start feeding her, if there isn't enough of my pumped milk, they will supplement with IV fluids. She is getting fluids through her IV right now, they are called TPN and. . . Oh no I forgot the other one. . . It's to help her keep weight on. This evening at 9pm she weighted 6lb, 6oz. It's normal for newborns to lose 10% of her body weight! We'll keep an eye to make sure she doesn't loose more then 10%.

Look at that tiny foot!

I was discharged today. There is something about leaving your baby at the hospital that isn't right. Babies and mommies belong together. The feeling is all too real, remembering Jeremy's 15 day hospital stay. But, I have to find rest and peace in that Heidi-Rae is in the BEST neonatal hospital we could ask for. That's why we choose to deliver at Loma Linda, in case something goes wrong. God is watching her and there are SO many people praying for her!

That being said, I came home to two bouncy, loving enterjetic children! They were so happy to see us! Thanks mom for taking such good care of them the past few days. They needed some time with us. I decided to stay home for the evening, have dinner and put them to bed. I'll go to see Heidi in the morning. A good night's rest, in my bed should do me good!
I'll be up early to go see my little girl and get in some good skin to skin time! 

It took us so long to figure out a name! And . . . we crossed it out a few times! But, we are so happy with our final decision! 

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