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Mini Marts
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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Heidi-Rae: NICU Day 3

Beautiful eyes!

Our day went from ok, sorta showing improvement to HUGE improvements!
Beginning of the day: She's still on cpap at 28%. Her white blood count is a little lower. She's looking jaundice, they are watching, it's not billi light worthy at this point. Since, they haven't been able to wean her off the CPAP they still don't want her to nurse because they are worried about taking milk in her lungs. So, I'll keep pumping and storing. We give her milk on a cotton swab to moisten her lips and let her taste it in her mouth. She was also moved to a "big girl" bed because she doesn't need her temperature regulated.

Then by her 3pm feeding. . . They said, "Ok, go ahead and try to nurse as long as her breathing stays below 80." SHE LATCHED!!!! Only a few times and she probably only got a few drops. But, that's HUGE progress! She also drank about 3cc from a bottle. After her feeding and skin to skin we were able to turn her CPAP off to manual, meaning she can pull from it when she wants. She did very well! 
At her 6pm feeding, she wasn't interested in latching. BUT she drank 10cc from a bottle! What a great day! Gigi Came to visit today! I love the picture below where she got her little fingers inner mouth!

Whoever said, "Don't cry over spilled milk." was obviously NOT a breastfeeding mom with a baby in the NICU!
EVERY drop counts! Yes, I did cry! yes it was 3am! yes I am exhausted. No, I don't feel bad! 
I took a video of Heidi's breathing. Her chest is sinking in too much.

Thank you so much for your prayers! A dear friend set up a meal plan for us! 


  1. Thank God for progress!!! P.S. The link for bringing meals only leads me to this exact site, not to the meal list. Update in the next post, please! : )

  2. Thanks David! I updated it and added it to the next post.