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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Heidi-Rae: NICU Day 5 & 6

Day 5

I have excellent news today! Heidi is breathing all on her own! Not even being assisted with oxygen! She is also eating on her own! She is not receiving IV fluids, she is only drinking Mama's milk! We nursed a few times today! Not ALL of her feeding but a good amount. She is required to eat 51cc (About 1.5oz) of milk, she is nursing about 30cc. Thank you God for hearing our prayers! She only has one IV for her antibiotics! If she keeps her feedings up and continues gaining weight we just may be able to bring her home Thursday! Yea!
She has stolen my heart!

I got to give her a bath tonight! 

Precious girl!
Haha! I love to watch all her faces! 

Family Update:
The kids are having a hard time! I usually go to the hospital around 9am, stay all day and come home after dinner. I spend the evening with the kids and put them to bed. Today, I stayed home through lunch, put them down for nap and came home late. Capri want me to hold her all morning, cried when I put her down. Jeremy and I took a trip to Target. It was so nice to have time with just him. We talked the whole way there. When it was nap time, Jeremy had a really hard time. he cried and cried. He said he didn't want me to leave and he doesn't want to share me with the baby. It breaks my heart. I know the best place for me right now is with Heidi-Rae but it's so hard to leave them crying.

Day 6

Daddy came to visit today!! Thank you Moerer family for watching Jerermy and Capri so he could come have some bonding time with Heidi. We went out to dinner during shift change. It was much needed time together! 
We picked them up kinda late!
Look how cute they are!! 
Nothing but good reports for this little girl! She continues to eat well and gain weight! She finished her antibiotics Wednesday around 11pm. They are talking about sending her home late Wednesday night or Thursday morning!! YEA!! The light is SO bright at the end of the tunnel! We are struggling nursing a little. She is a lazy eater! Even with the bottle. She would rather sleep, which is an issue with premies. Although she is borderline premie, she bass that characteristic. At this point, I'm letting her be lazy and not want to latch. I'm letting her take the easy way out and giving her the bottle, so we can go home. When we get there, I will work with her on latching. The good news it, I am pumping enough to sustain her feedings. In fact, they said I can start freezing what I pump at home because they have so much in their fridge!

 I just fall more in love with her every day! 
He is falling in love with her too! 

I can't thank everyone enough for all the support, love, prayers, meals, help with the kids, sweet texts and phone calls. It's amazing to have such a great support system! Thank you!! 


  1. God is GREAT!!! What a beautiful little girl - Kierra, she looks just like you :D Precious, and I am so happy for your wonderful family!!!

  2. She is just beautiful and so precious! B giving her kisses is so sweet!