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Mini Marts
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Thursday, April 13, 2017

3rd Time's A Charm

There's this little thing in your knee called the meniscus . . . it acts as a cushion and shock absorber in you knee joint. Mine has torn twice! Just before that, I had to have a surgery to remove a Plica.

During this time, we have had an incredible amount of help! A good friend set up a Google Document for people to sign up for time slots that Bobby would be working. It's been an overwhelming, humble time.

With 3 pregnancies that led to bedrests and 3 knee surgeries, I have had a great deal if "down" time. This has been a humbling and frustrating time! I love my job. I love to be a wife and mom. Not being able to fulfill my role is really difficult, and so many times.

I wish I could end this post with some great epiphany of what God has taught me each time, but I don't have that. Although, I have had a unique opportunity to be in prayer for people each day.

We are praying this is the last surgery for a while, at least!

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