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Mini Marts
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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Man's Best Friend

Our first photo with Phoebe and Monica

"They" (<--- Whomever "they" is!!!) always say, "A dog is man's best friend." We are not big animal people. By that I mean, we don't enjoy animals sleeping in our bed or feel like they should be treated as a human. But, HOLY COW. . . We were not prepared for the grief that comes with losing a pet!! We have always thought Phoebe was the BEST dog! Many people in our lives felt the same way.

She blended in to our family so well. She tolerated the many, many events we hosted at our house. She house trained in a few days when we got her at 3 years old. She let kids do anything!! One evening, we were eating dinner and heard her quietly whining under the table. . . We look to see our niece, about 3 year old, with her finger in the dog's eye socket!!! A simple whine to let us know she was uncomfortable. She went on a few little vacations with us, saved us from a rattle snake this past summer! She was protective when Bobby wasn't home. She slept in the kids bedrooms, came to get me when they woke up in the middle of the night. She was just such a great companion!

We were incredibly sad to lose her. It hit Bobby and I hard the night of and many weeks following. The kids were ok the morning after she was hit by a car, but as the weeks have gone on, they noticed she wasn't there and missed playing with her.

She will be hard to replace!! We have a puppy now. Post coming soon!

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