Mini Marts

Mini Marts
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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Show Love. . .

In my opinion, the single most important teaching of Jesus Christ was to LOVE PEOPLE! He asks us to love. To forgive, to give grace, to show more people love. I feel like this is a simple command, although sometimes it such a hard command to live out.

I had to have *another* knee surgery! 3rd surgery in 7 years! More on that later. . .
The week before we had the "unplanned" opportunity to serve quite a few families!

Bobby Aunt came to visit from Idaho, we got to go to dinner!

My grandparents came to visit from Vermont. 

We spent some good quality time with Jackie and her girls! 

The next few days, the kids had 13 friends rotate through the house for playdates and sleepovers! It was such a fun week! 

I will say, this was one of the times that living our Galatians 5:13 was easier. To cook, play and, serve spend time with friends was awesome.  It was a great way to spend the 2 weeks leading to surgery.

Update: About a week after I wrote this post FB was offering to show you the words you use most often in your posts. The larger, the more frequently used. . . The largest word is. . .

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