Mini Marts

Mini Marts
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Monday, April 3, 2017

My Tribe. . .

Ya know that saying. . . "It takes a village to raise kids." How true is that statement! I have just had my 3rd knee surgery. . . With 3 pregnancy bedposts and 3 knee surgeries. . . This whole staying in bed thing is just not fun! The first few days are nice to catch up on sleep and rest my body. . . But, I'm over it but this point. We are praying this is the last surgery for a while, my knee heals properly, and no more tears occur!

Being down, means I need help with the kids when Bobby is at work. . . The tribe God has equipped me with has been incredible!! The amount of time they have given to my family is sacrificial!!! I can't explain my gratitude, nor can I thank them enough.

Next comes the praise for my husband. he has taken both parenting roles, housekeeper role, AND still works 72+ hours in shifts a week!! He is truly amazing. His heart to serve us has me choked up!

Cheers to "taking it easy," getting though the next few weeks and proper healing!

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