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Mini Marts
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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Mommy Fail. . . Mommy Redeemed

That one time I SHOULD have gone to the ER. . .

I feel like parenting is a constant battle of, "Am I overreacting?" Kids fall ALL the time, they get bumps, bruises and scraps. How do you know when it's time to go into the ER?

I can write this night out and laugh now. . . the night of, I couldn't!!

We got home from Bible study late one night (9:30pm). I get the girls a piece of toast and send them to bed. I tell them I will be in as soon as Jeremy and I check on the baby chicks. I see a string in the chick area and tell Jeremy to grab it so none of them swallow it. Too late! He grabbed the string but it was already digesting in a chick's stomach. He runs up to get a pair of scissors.

*At this point, I hear Heidi-Rae crying in the house*

I can't pull the string out. I cute it as close to the beak as possible. Figure I need to just cut it and check on her in the morning to see what's going on with Heidi-Rae. As I turn to head back up, Heidi meets me at the coop, trips, and bites through her lip on the step of the chicken coop!

Jeremy close up the coop as I head to the house with a bloody mouthed 2 year old! We stop the bleeding and get cleaned up. I give her some Motrin and decide since the bleeding stopped quickly we didn't need to go in. I had her sleep in my bed. She was up about every 3 hours in pain.

Fast forward 2 days, she's really complaining that her lip hurts. I text a photo to our family doctor. . . I hear the answer to the question. . . YES, I should have taken her into the ER. He said anytime there is a puncture through skin, take them in! OY! We couldn't tell if there was an infection. I rinsed her mouth about 5 times a day and applied antibiotic ointment for 2 days and it was clear! Phew!!

Well, for the future. . . I know!

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