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Mini Marts
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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Capri 18 Month Update

18 Months

12 Months

Our girl is weighing in at 21.5 pounds! She has stayed pretty steady since 10 months! She still has those cute puffy cheeks though!


15 Months

These kids are pretty resilient to sickness. It doesn't come around often for us! Praise God!


The bottom right is such a treasured picture!
It's so rare for her to fall asleep in my arms!

It took us a while but we finally dropped the evening 1/2 hour nap around 14 months. She still holds tight to her morning and afternoon nap! There are days we have to miss the morning nap because we need to run errands and what not. Here schedule is: Wake up about 7 :30am, breakfast, nap from 10-11am, lunch, nap from 1-3pm, snack, dinner at 6pm, bed by 8pm.
Little girl LOVES her blanket! She signs sleep and the sign she made up for blanket. Once she has it, she is right to sleep!


Capri is wearing 12 month pants and 18month shirts. We are slowly putting the 12 month dresses away.

Aquarium of the Pacific, June 

We love playdates! She is very social! I would say her favorite person to play with is Jeremy! It just melts my heart! We had quite the busy summer! We has a stay-cation with my mom, we went camping with the O'rafferty's, we went to the Aquarium of the Pacific, and Mommy went to the East Coast without Daddy or the kids! That was a long 5 days!

Brotherly/Sisterly Love

Like I said in the last one! They are just so cute together! They have their little arguments but most of the time they have a blast together!


Left: Tomatoes Right: Strawberries from our garden!

She still tries to be a vegetarian! Even if the meat is so tiny in the meal she picks it out and puts it in her cup holder! WE make her eat a few bites each time! She is pretty good with veggies. And loves fruit! Especially the little fruit pouches!


Capri wants to potty train! She has gone pee once and poop once! 2 days in a row! It was really exciting! I didn't want to start this early because I was worried about her regressing when the baby gets here. But I definitely don't want to discourage it! I'm just going to let her sit anytime she wants and go along with it! She wants to be just like her brother!


Daddy's Girl
15 Months
This picture shows her personality!
17 Months

She loves to be the princess! She uses her eyes and cute looks to work people! She is the prefect combination of girly girl and playing in the mud with Jeremy and his friends! She loves her Daddy, brother, Gigi and Auntie Danielle! She loves to giggle! She crosses her arms in disapproval! Loves to sing worship music with Jeremy. Cries when we drop her off at church. Very independant!
She has another thing coming when her little SISTER gets here! YES! We are having another GIRL!

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