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Mini Marts
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Monday, March 24, 2014

Jeremy's First Airplane Ride*

At, 6 months old, you went on your first airplane ride! We went to see Uncle Dillin graduate from USMC boot camp! You didn't sleep well the night before we left. We were up so many times! So we are all tired! When we were going through security we met the captain. He wanted you to come to the cockpit and get pictures! How special! AND he bought Daddy and Mommy snacks while we were on the plane! So sweet! Well, you were wide awake the whole time we check in and waited for our flight. You nursed just before we took off and slept the WHOLE flight. We even switched you between us and you stayed asleep! You woke up just before we landed. Descending and landing didn't even phase you! That was a 5 hour flight from LA to Atlanta. From Atlanta to Savanna you did the same pattern! You were amazing! Oh, all the flights people would say, "I didn't even know there was a baby on this flight!"

Aunt Savanna and Papa Bear picked us up from the airport.
Papa Bear meeting you!
I love that the airport had rocking chairs! 
Grandma meeting you! So precious, she cried!

Top Left: We were all up at 4am to be at Family Day!
This made for some funny pictures and jokes as we were all jet lagged!
During Dillin's formation I yelled, "Heidtmann." His whole platoon heard and had to stifle their laugh!
After they released Dillin he gave us a tour around base! 

We got to see a REAL crocodile or alligator. . . I never know which lives where!
South Carolina sunset! Gorgeous!
Graduation day! Still up early but we got some rest!
How handsome does my husband look in his Dress Blues??!!
All the graduated Marines were impressed with his Ribbons and Medals!
I am so proud to call him mine!  
This picture is so precious!
Dillin giving my dad his first issued EGA: Eagle, Globe & Anchor pin.

We went sight seeing! Playing in the sad of the Atlantic Ocean.
Jeremy was a bit cranky all day, Probably due to his schedule being off.
Family Time!
Bottom Right: B hiding in the trunk of the car because Jeremy was so fussy!
Our little family!

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