Mini Marts

Mini Marts
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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pool Day in March!

Kisses for the baby!

Only in So Cal can you have a Pool day in March! On the way home from church, Jeremy was asking Bobby if he can go to Kimo and Auntie Donna's to a swim day. He came home and called to ask! Of course, they said, "YES!" Cancelled their plans to work that day and were wonderful hosts, as always!
When the plans were made I ,of course, was going to stay home. Then I got to thinking. . . A car ride, some time to relax I the Jacuzzi. . . I think I can handle it! SO. . . I ventured out! And that's exactly what I did: Rode in the car, got in the jacuzzi (93*, below body temp so no risk to the baby), sat on the couch with heat, and rode home. It was a FABULOUS time! The jacuzzi felt wonderful! I was weightless! I didn't have the constant pull of the belly on my back! The jets get amazing on my back. I got to hold my kids because they were also weightless! I got to see Capri swim (kicking feet and rotating arms) for the first time! By far the highlight of my bed rest time!

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