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Friday, July 25, 2014

Capri: 2 Year Update

Oh My! I can't believe she's 2!!!! 


21.5 pounds! I can't remember her height! I'd measure her now but she's sleeping. . . The only time a mama can blog!


We are blessed to have pretty healthy kids! Aside from the occasional cold, which is pretty rare, we don't battle with sickness too often. Thank you, Jesus!


This girl loves to sleep! If the house is quiet she will sleep until 8:30am! The house is rarely quiet! So she generally wakes up around 7am. We have finally kicked her morning nap! It took until 23 months! Crazy girl! Afternoon nap is 1:30-3:30 or 4pm. Bedtime at 8pm. She LOVES her blanket! 12x12 piece of baby crack! Won't sleep without it! She only has it when she sleeps though.
We had a day a few weeks ago, where we couldn't find it. She had taken it out of her bed to play and didn't know where she put it. This is the exact reason, we make sure it stays on her bed. But I didn't realize it this time. We looked all over! I even crawled around the house, at her level, with a flashlight! I know, kinda ridiculous! Downfall to having a security blanket! She was still awake at 10:30pm, crying and asking me for it! I FINALLY found it behind a basket in her room! Before she fell asleep, I watched her, on the monitor, telling her baby doll the story of Mommy finding it! I should note that Jeremy was this attached at her age as well, he is not anymore. He likes to have it but if he looses it, he can still fall asleep. We have not be able to find it for days and he is fine! Capri is still an avid right thumb sucker! She only sucks it at nap and night time with her blanket. If it's one of those times in the car she will suck it too. Pretty much when she has her blanket.


We are in between 18 months and 2T. Transitioning from size 5 to size 6 shoes. She loves her dresses! And muddy boots.


This girl can work a room! She loves to be the center of attention! She plays into it. She performs anytime she gets the chance!

Brotherly/Sisterly Love

Capri and Jeremy are the best of buddies! They play all day long with minimal fighting! Capri is a little mommy to Heidi. Sometime she is too rough and we have to remind her. . .ok, most of the time. She just wants to help. She constantly asks to hold her, runs to get a pacifier when she cries, checks on her first thing in the morning when she comes in our room. It's pure joy to watch the bond!


Capri eats just about everything we give her. She loves to eat. Her favorites include: Peanut butter and jelly, edamame, Gold Fish, blueberries, bananas, and squeeze fruit packs.


She has POTTY TRAINED HERSELF! I can't believe it! She had been asking while I was on bed rest but it was too stressful for us to entertain it. As soon as Heidi-Rae came home she was bound and determined! It was a little trying when I was feeding the baby and Capri had to go! But we made it work and we rarely have accidents! EVEN though naps and night. It's crazy! We planned to have 2 in diapers at least until the end of summer!

We have moved Capri to her BIG girl bed. She does really well staying in it. I love to hear her little pitter patter in the mooring coming into bed with us! It's much nicer now that she is potty trained, she can get up when she needs to go.
Then one night we didn't have the monitor on. I went in to kiss her goodnight before I went to bed. . .
She was sleeping on toys!! She literally fell asleep playing!
I have no idea how long she was awake! 

She also got her nails done for the first time recently! Bobby dropped me off while he took the kid to the park. When they came back my nail lady, Ann, insisted on doing Capri's. Capri was more then happy to allow her to! Pink with white dots!

We have a little swimmer on our hands I am confident that IF she feel in the pool she would hold her breath and get herself to the edge! It's such a relief! She is also talking in full on sentences! It seems like the past 4 months have been a huge vocabulary explosion!!

She's a little mama! 
OH this little girl has a strong willed ,spunky, spitfire, compassionate, mommy-sense, get dirty wearing her princess dress personality! Both our parents say she is just like each of us! How funny! We must have both been similar!

That smile melts my heart! 
It's time for me to start writing down her saying like I do with J! My favorite right now is, "Mama, I love you so much." 

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