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Mini Marts
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Friday, July 18, 2014

Heidi-Rae BIRTHday: Part 2

2 hours old
In the previous post (found here: Heidi-Rae's BIRTHday), I had just delivered. 

Taking her APGAR scores.
In the top picture, they have oxygen forcing her to breathe.
She was grunting, telling them there was fluid in her lungs.
She was a 1.5 hours old.
We didn't really know what was  going on, expect that she was having trouble breathing. We could hear her grunting. The room was pretty quiet while the NICU doctors tried to figure out what was wrong. Dr. Doung, once again proved how great of a doctor she is, she stayed (even though we knew she had plans at 7:30pm) and watched what they were doing. She told us what was going on. She was very calming!
They finally decided Heidi-Rae (although nameless at this point and would remain that way until 48 hours old! We just couldn't decide!) needed to have an x-ray. They took her to the next room over.
They let me hold her before they took her. 
After an hour, we hadn't heard anything. I was scared, annoyed, frustrated, ect. I sent Bobby to the room to check things out. He took this video to show me how she was doing.
Her breathing broke my heart. After about 3 hours, they decided she needed to be admitted to the NICU while waiting for the chest x-ray results.
We were moved to a postpartum room and I was able to pump at 11pm! I had been asking since I knew she was to be admitted. I was so excited I tok a picture!
A FULL oz of colostrum! 
We went to visit our baby girl right after. You can read the NICU story starting here: Heidi-Rae NICU Day 1. 

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