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Mini Marts
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Friday, July 18, 2014

Heidi-Rae: 2 Month Update


We had Heidi's 2 month check up and shots. She weighed in at 10lbs 15oz and 22 inches long. Shots were brutal. We believe in shots (See this post on vaccines) but on a slow schedule. However, since we are flying in August, I'm nervous about her catching some respiratory disease and kicking myself because it was something that could have been prevented. There are nasty germs on airplanes and being stuck in a cabin for hours with who knows what. . . not a risk I wanted to take with my sweet girl. So, she got 5 shots. . . I KNOW! 5! That's is SO many! And she will get the same in August right before we leave. Then the 6 month ones will be spaced out. She is starting to fill out a little!


Thankfully we have been in the clear! We have one healthy babe!


Little miss still sleeps a majority of the day. She's awake for a few hours here and there. We love our time with her! She has dropped one night time feeding. When she goes to bed about 9pm, she sleeps until 3am. She loves to sleep in our bed, What baby doesn't love the smell of Daddy and Mommy! She doesn't sleep all night. Mostly just for naps. I'm worried to have her in there at night because the older 2 end up with us by 6am and they might pounce on her! Notice the "Jeremy Noah" hoppy?? It was my intention to have each kid's name engraved. . . That didn't work out!
She received her blanket from Zia!
All the kids have a special blanket they sleep with! 

Patriotic Baby!

We are into the 0-3month and 3 month bin! Newborn clothe are put away. Well, except for pants. She is still a little tiny in the length and waste.


She goes every where with me! I haven't left her yet. I take that back, I have gone to get my nails done and she stayed with Bobby. She came on our anniversary trip with us. She is a doll. She just goes with the flow. Gigi comes to visit often.

Brotherly/Sisterly Love
He was singing to her! 
Capri loves to hold her! 

The older ones still adore Heidi-Rae. Capri doesn't realize how strong she is. I really have to watch her. She asks to hold Heidi multiple times a day! She runs to get a pacifier as soon as she cries. Jeremy sits next to her in the car. He is so patient and gentle if she needs something. He gets excited when she falls asleep after he has helped her!

She loves to fall asleep where she can smell milk! HA!

100% breastmilk! I had to take dairy out of my diet. And we have started on probiotics. The are the opposite of "antibiotics." It's common with baits that had strong antibiotics when they were first born, to have trouble digesting. The antibiotic destroys all the good and bad antibodies in their body to kill off the infection. Probiotics help rebuild the good antibodies to help her digest easier. Heidi is really gassy! But with no dairy and probiotics, she has been doing much better. When I have a hint of dairy, I can tell. We give her mint water to soothe her tummy. It's amazing how well it works, almost instantly.

Just beautiful!

Our little girl is smiling!! We love it, the kids love it! Everybody that catches a glimpse of it, just adores it!
Not too big of a fan of Tummy Time. We are working with her! 
Heidi has started to enjoy her time watching the lights on her little star!
It won't be long before she is grasping at toys under here! AHHH!

Girls Day! The boys were helping someone out this day.

Call me crazy, but I think she knows she is the third! She had lungs that let you know she needs or wants something! She loves to be snuggled! Which, I don't always have the time for! Needless to say, I wear her in my carrier very often! Especially she we go out and about. It's the only way to stay sane with 3 kids in a public place!


This has been a struggle with me! I know I will get there. But at this point, I'm basically wearing anything has an elastic waist: yoga pants, skirts, & dresses that are nursing friendly. 

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