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Mini Marts
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Friday, July 18, 2014

Heidi-Rae: 3 Month Update


Heidi-Rae is weighing in at 12 pounds! She has some cute little chunk on her legs, arms, and a double chin! Only on a baby can you say those things are cute! Ha!

Her sweet eyes red from coughing :(

We had a bout of sickness run through our house. Heidi had it the worst. Poor girl! She couldn't breathe, she was coughing, it was so hard to watch my sweet girl looking up at me to fix her! It only last a few days and we were back to normal!

Top Left: I feel asleep snuggling, Baby stayed awake! Daddy took a picture, He thought it was hilarious!
Bottom Left: She rarely falls asleep without being rocked. This time she asked for it. The white thing she is snuggling with it called a "froggy" they have them at the hospital. We aren't supposed to take them home. I have no idea how it ended up in our home!
Far Right: She never sleeps on her back! She is just more comfortable on her tummy. I had to get this shot! 

I think we are starting to get somewhat of a schedule of our day. Heidi seems to be pretty consistent with sleeping until 9pm, naps from 11-12pm, 1:30-3pm, and a short one around 6pm. She tends to go to bed around 9pm and wake up for a morning feeding around 5:30am, then she falls asleep again until 9am. You can never get enough sleeping baby pictures!


No more newborn pants! We are all 3 month clothes! And we have made the move to size 2 diapers due to her chunk on her thighs!

Aunt Florence
We also had family visit from Vermont. They were happy to snuggle with my girl!
We have started venturing out a bit when Daddy is working. We hosted a mini VBS (Vacation Bible School) for a week. It was great to have friends here everyday! The kids learned about The Armor of God. Heidi slept for most of it but there were a few times she participated! Here is the link:
VBS: Armor of God. We have also been doing swim lessons for Jeremy and Capri. So each morning we are up and out of the house. I usually run errands on the way. This has been good practice for me. And there is church! I have yet to let Heidi go into her nursery class. But I think we will try it out this week! "They" say it get easier with the more kids you have, "they" lie!

Brotherly/Sisterly Love
I love to have the girls match! 

I just love to watch these 3 create a bond! Heidi-Rae gets such a sweet smile when she sees them!

Our 4th of july outfits a week early at church!
The girls are matching! GUSH!

All breastmilk! I still can't have dairy but I'm getting by. I enjoy almond milk. I have found some ice cream that's really good made from almond milk. I have found that goat's milk doesn't bother her, so I have been using goat cheese. I was going to do goat's milk (it's the closest thing to human milk) but i think money-wise I should stick with almond milk. I also tried "dairy free" cheese. Bleck! I couldn't handle it! I'll just stick with garnishing with goat cheese and avoid other things that are mostly cheese! We are still using probiotics and can tell a difference in her uncomfortableness, gassy-ness, and all around happiness when we miss 2 days in a row.
I'm still too chicken to post a boob shot! I need to get a a modest one!


Heidi took her first dip in the pool this month! it's been so hot. She didn't mind it at all, just snuggled into me. The water was really nice.

We played dress up!
She loves to be close to me and in her carrier. Which I also love! I rarely get alone time with her since she dropped her night time feedings. I was really sad about that. I don't mind getting up in the middle of the night because I got alone time with her. I know this sounds like crazy talk!


I am still struggling here! I have NO time to work out! It's hard to take walks because Jerermy has to be on a bike, which leaves me worrying about him in the street and doesn't make for a good workout, it's more of a fun activity. I should start my 10 minute work out videos. The kids could join me. Ok, I will! At least that's a start! Hold me to it! I'll have a good resort next month under this section. . . hopefully! 

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