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Mini Marts
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Saturday, July 19, 2014

VBS: Armor of God

We had a great week hosting VBS! We choose the theme Armor of God because I found a website with all the material and lessons planned out. Click here for the website: Armor of God Lesson Plans
Each mom was assigned one day and one piece of armor. They came up with a craft, snack and outside activity that pertained to the piece of armor. It was seamless all week. The kids really got into it!
*I need to be a little more diligent about taking pictures! I missed a few!

Day 1: The Belt of Truth

Craft: Make a belt out of felt, string, & duct tape. Decorate with things that remind you of the truth God teaches.
Snack: Fruit by the foot
Outside activity: Form a circle, pass a hula hoop from each child to the next. The kids LOVED twisting their body to get through the hula hoop while still holding hands with their friends!

Showing and teaching about a Japanese Beetle!

Day 2: The Shoes of Peace

Craft: Pre-cut shoes out of fun foam, take yarn and lace them. Make sure you use the end of the yarn to make some kind of design for their feet to go through to keep them on. Color the shoes.
Snack: PB & J sandwiches using a shoe cookie cutter, we didn't get a picture. :(
Outside activity: The kids line up at the fence. They each take one of their shoes off, put it inside a hula hoop laid flat on the ground and return to the fence. At 1, 2, 3 the kids run to pick up any shoe. They find the friend it belongs to. A few kids were not ok with giving up their shoes and other kids picking it up! We did not foresee this being an issue!

Day 3: The Breastplate of Righteousness & Sword of the Spirit

Craft: Breastplate: Pre-cut fun foam in the shape of a shield, add string to wear it like a front facing backpack, hot glue lids from cans (tomato sauce, canned veggies, ect.) To show we need to protect our heart. Sword: Cut cardboard in the shape of a sword, cover the handle in duct tape, cover the sword part in tin foil. We didn't get a picture of this :(
Snack: Graham crackers for the breastplate, grapes on a skewer for the sword.
Outside activity: WE made a kid car wash out of PVC and pool noodles. The kids ran through it with their breastplates and swords fighting off the "enemy" (water).

Day 4: Helmet of Salvation

Craft: Piece together pre-cut helmet pieces, decorate with stickers.
Snack: Fruit from the watermelon helmet, fig newtons with frosting to look like a Bible.
Outside activity: The kids wore helmets in a obstacle course while adults bopped them on the head with pool noodles! They really like this activity!

Day 5: Shield of Faith

Craft: Color and decorate paper plates, hot glue pipe cleaner on the back as a handle.
Snack: Cheese and crackers, Shield cookies, strawberries cut in 1/2 to look like a shield. Again, no picture :(
Outside activity: We made shields out of heavy duty cardboard. 1/2 the kids held the shields, 1.2 the kids through water balls or used water squirters to get them! The Daddies got involved!

We had a fabulous week! We ended the week with a barbecue and worship played by some of the daddies!

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