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Friday, July 18, 2014

Heidi-Rae's BIRTHday!

Heidi-Rae Lauren Martens
April 2, 2014
6lb 7oz, 18in
I love to hear labor stories! It's just amazing to me that EVERY single birth and delivery is different! God works so many miracles in just one birth! I am already 5 weeks past Heidi's BIRTHday! I fear I have forgotten some details!! I better jot them down before I forget any more!

Rewind to Tuesday, April 1, 2014. We were saying how it would be kinda cool to have an April Fool's baby. In the morning, I thought I had a little leakage, aka my water breaking, but it was just a tiny bit and didn't continue throughout the day. I didn't want to go to the hospital until I knew it was the real thing this time, because we had already gone in 4 times (2 of which was not active labor). There were no contractions, despite being up and about ALL day. We even went crusin that night on dirt roads! The next day (April 2) was my weekly check up. My mom was going to watch the kids, but it snowed in Big Bear the night before so she couldn't make it down. We took Jeremy and Capri to the appointment with us!
The doctor asked if I had any leaking. I told her what my day before had looked like. She decided to check, just in case. Sure enough, my water bag was broken and the tests came back positive for Amniotic fluid. I was checked into Labor and Delivery quickly. Bobby rushed back to Riverside to drop the kids off with Danielle (who was watching another friend's daughter! Giving her a grand total of 5 kids! What a great friend!) and rush back to Loma Linda!
Awesome friend! 
Bobby made it back in time for the epidural and things to get started. . .
Or so we thought!
I wasn't having contractions and since my water had been broken for a little over 24 hours, they needed to give me pitocin to jump start labor. Dr. Doung thought it was best to give me the epidural before the pitocin because I had been in labor so many times AND this was my 3rd, they thought I would deliver quickly! Bobby makes it back in less then an hour! Epidural goes in. . . Oh my, was it painful! I have never felt the epidural go in, because I am usually having contractions during the process! Pitocin is started. . . I am dilated to 6cm and stay that way for about 4 hours! What? I thought this was going to happen quickly! The doctor is confused as to why it's taking so long. She checks me a little more in depth. . .

I had a "forebag." A sack of amniotic fluid below the baby's head that leaked yesterday. Since the baby was so low she kinda pinched it and the rest of the bag hadn't broke! Well, the Dr. took care of that, whith a tool that resembled a 8" crotchet hook! Within 20 minutes I was dilated to 9cm. We pushed for 15 minutes and our beautiful baby girl was born at 7:22pm on April 2, 2014!
Love at first sight!
Notice her color, not pink.
In the bottom left, they are rubbing her, quite vigorously,
with a blanket, trying to get her to "pink up.":
For the last few weeks of pregnancy, Bobby was convinced Heidi was a boy. He would say "he" when talking to her or about her. While he was dropping the kids off, I told the doctor this. She cracked up! We had SO many ultra sounds, it was pretty much impossible "her" to be a "him." Nonetheless, she decided to mess with Bobby. As soon as Heidi-Rae came out, she said,
Bobby believed her! He said, "No way, really??" Looking at he baby!
Dr, "NO! You had like 50 ultrasounds!"
Haha! Good times! Our Doctor was awesome! I wish we had a picture with her! But things were a little stressful.
Read the rest of the story here: Heidi-Rae BIRTHday: Part 2

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