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Mini Marts
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Monday, April 9, 2012

31 Weeks (17P Injections)*

The injection went well this week. I am having soreness. It seems as the weeks go on the injection site stays sore longer. On Wednesday I have an ache of sorts, deep inside. Maybe my cervix. It lingered all day. It was pretty strong and didn't seem to depend if I was walking or sitting. We did quite a bit of walking in the morning hours. See this post. It got stronger as the day moved on. At about 5pm we noticed my knees and calves were really swollen. I was worried and thought maybe I should go in. I decided on Thursday I would call the doctor. Bobby gave me my injections around 10pm and we went to bed. All night I tossed and turned from the ache. It was a pain and I wasn't bleeding, which is what kept me from going to the hospital. I woke up Thursday and the ache was significantly weaker. By Friday morning it was gone completely. The swelling went away when I elevated my feet. I am putting this under the injection side effects because I am thinking that I need to change the time of injections to the morning on the 7th day. We'll see what happens this week with getting them in the am. 

Baby Update:
Jeremy got ice cream from the ice cream man this week!
1st time for everything!

We have decided on odd number weeks the baby is a boy and even the baby is a girl! So I get to say he or she. Yay! I like this plan! So this past week Eli is just over 3 pounds and 17 inches long, approximately, that is. Compared to 4 naval oranges. I'm told he will be gaining half a pound per week until delivery! WHOA! He may have hair already too! Jeremy had a full head of dark brown hair when he was born. The doctor kept saying, "Push, Kierra I can see Noah's hair." Ha! Who knew that would not be his name! 
Sleep does not come easy lately. I toss and turn quite a bit. Night sweats are still hanging around. I have also has swelling in my legs, blah! Not attractive or comfortable. I finally took my wedding ring off this week. I kept prolonging it but I don't want it to be stuck on! Jackie had to have hers cut off, I definitely don't want that!  I hate not wearing it. Like it's disrespectful to God and Bobby. 
As we go into week 32 (Wednesday is the day I went to the hospital and was told I was in "active labor") please be praying for us. I am trying so hard to stay calm and allow my body to be relaxed. And also, be ok if it's God's plan for the baby to come early. He can use all things for good. I need prayer for peace. Bobby has it and I crave it! 

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