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Mini Marts
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Saturday, April 28, 2012

34 Weeks (17P Injections)*

This week the injection stung going in. I winced a little. Jeremy is so cute! He knows what it is. When we pull the little pink bag that keeps all the supplies he says, "Mommy butt." Ha! He knows what's in there and knows it goes into my hip (butt). He watches Bobby ever so carefully, he is careful to stay back and doesn't get too close but makes sure he is "monitoring." So precious!

Baby Update
He's saying, "Baby Stay."
Just like he does when he tells Phoebe (the dog) to "Stay."
Well, we have made it to 34 weeks!! Woo-Hoo! All the praise goes to God and the prayers being sent up! Let's see this week Capri is the size of a cantaloupe, about 4.75 pounds and 18 inches long. Jeremy was born at 5lb 12oz and 18.5 inches long. This was after 2 doses of steroids at 32 weeks, which Capri also received.  So, she may be a little heftier then the stats. This week she is working on maturing her central nervous system and lungs. I read that this is the week the baby typically "drops." However, based on the ultrasound we had in the hospital there is no where for her to drop, unless it's down the birth canal! She is already SO low and wedged in my pelvis! Her liver is almost fully developed at this point! And she is busy in there! I don't know what little babies do while they are in womb but Capri must be training for the Summer Olympics this year!  

Bed Rest Update

This week hasn't been so bad! It's so nice when I have people here to talk with. Ya know, one can only look at Facebook and Pintrest so many times in one day! I have plenty of other things to occupy my mind but sometimes I like when there are other people to occupy it! And conversation is the best! I am working on getting my journal from Jeremy's pregnancy through his first year on here! A goal that's been put off for two years now! 

Week 1 of bedrest:
I came home from the hospital on Monday. My mom was here until Wednesday, helping out and filling in when B was working. Jackie stayed with us Friday. By this point I was getting restless and tired of being in bed for a week. But the next few days we full! Yay!

Saturday: Bobby took Sierra and Jeremy to a steam locomotive exhibit! They loved it. See the post here
Sunday: We had friends come over to take Maternity pictures! So excited we got them. We were not so lucky with J! Also, my cousin came over with his wife and baby and they brought In N Out! SCORE!! See the maternity shots here.
Monday: We had a family dinner for Jeremy's birthday on Monday. My Aunt and Uncle did all the food! The pictures are on a friend's camera and will be in a post soon! My mom was here helping clean the house and take care of J! Gave B a little break.
Tuesday: Doctor's appointment. He said I am doing well. He doesn't believe "Strict" bed rest does any better then taking it easy. The difference: I can be up and around as much as I feel comfortable.  I know my body and can make the decision if I am doing too much. He said no cooking, cleaning, strenuous activities, picking up Jeremy, driving myself anywhere, grocery shopping, but if I want to sit on the couch or floor to play with Jeremy, that's ok and listen to my body. I don't need to be in my bed ALL day! Lay down and let my contractions cool down when they come. That being said I was up and around more this week. I did some research on my own when I got home and, just as he said, there are NO studies that say strict bed rest keeps the baby in longer. Only that it causes muscle fatigue and depression on the mamas! Bobby says I have been moved from bed rest to house arrest! Ha! And the order for abstinence are still active :(. I did have B take me to get a pedicure today! Shhh. . . Don't tell anybody. We drove right down the street and I didn't have them massage me and we came straight home. It was really nice to get out of the house for a little bit and my feet feel so good! 
Wednesday: Our small group! Friends that come over each week for a Bible Study. We talk about the sermon from Sunday. (Sandals Church can be live streamed here). It's so good to see them each week, talk, and be comforted by friends! LOVE them!
Thursday: Low key but I was ok with that! B and J worked outside all day and did some gardening! 
Friday: Bobby went back to work. He says it's hard to be at work because he feels like he needs to be home taking care of us. We revisited the option of him taking leave but still decided it's better for him to work his normal days and lean on family and friends when he is working. But what a touching  concern of his! I love this man so much! My Aunts came over to babysit J and I for the morning and afternoon! It was so nice to have them here and catch up! That's the picture above. She brought me a recliner lounge chair so I can sit on the porch and enjoy the outside! I love to sit out there and watch J play! Then on the evening, my girls from small group came to babysit overnight! 
Saturday:  The girls from our small group and our moms were scheduled to have a girl's day in Palm Springs at our timeshare. We had to cancel, of course. But Jeremy was already set up to go to a dear friend's house (Sherri and the Sock) for the day. They were planning to take him to the zoo and asked if they still could! Ah, how sweet of them! He had a blast! A post with pictures is sure to follow! 

I was curious if my tummy had poked out a little more from the baby gaining some weight due to the steriods, so I measured, nope. . . same as last week. And I didn't gain any weight since I left the hospital. You'd think laying in a bed, having steroids, and the fact that this is the time in the pregnancy you gain a pound a week, I would have packed a few pounds on, huh?

Cheers until the next update! 

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