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Mini Marts
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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Words of Comfort*

The support and prayers are so comforting! I am overwhelmed by all the love we are being shown. I wanted to share a few prayers friends have texted over the past few days. They each moved me to tears!

 I lift this baby up to you. It's your creation, designed by you, knit together in Kierra's womb. 
We ask for protection over life tonight! 
Please sustain Kierra's body to carry this little one as long as possible for it's health. 
Please comfort Bobby and Kierra. Protect Jeremy while under other loved ones care. 

Heavenly Father,
Please give Kierra the peace she so desperately craves in such a stressful time. 
Reveal to her your hand in all of this, show yourself to her in a mighty way so that she may find refuge in knowing you have had a plan before time began. 
We know that you love this family and this new life even more then we do. 
You have a perfect plan. We love you and praise you Father. 
Thank you for your plan with this family. 

Please give Kierra an unsurpassing peace to accept and embrace whatever plan you have for her. I pray that she runs to you when she is discouraged and not give Satan the pleasure of fear and disappointment, because these things are not from you. 
Please have mercy on her body and the doctor's decisions. 
Help this baby stay healthy so that she can go home. 
Please help J and B with this transition time. 
Protect all 4 of their hearts.

I can't tell you how many times I have read these prayers over the past 2 days. And I am still typing with tears in streaming down my face. Each of these individual prayers are my heart and I didn't have the words to pray them. But isn't that the beauty of God's love? Even when we don't know the words He can hear our heart. Reminds me of this picture:

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