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Mini Marts
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Monday, April 2, 2012

30 Weeks (17P Injections)*

Here we are with 10 weeks to go and only 6 more injections! Bobby is celebrating! He hates to give them to me. Side effects this week were minimal. I had soreness until Monday. Which is much longer then previous weeks but that all I have to report!

Baby Update
This week the little cabbage is 15.7 inches long and about 3 pounds! (3 pounds??? What 's with the other 18 pounds I have gained??) A pint and 1/2 of amniotic fluid is surrounding him/her. (Still doesn't explain the 21 pound weight gain! I'm kidding of course!) Eyes are a big part of development this week. Although they are still not fully developed when baby is born. Did you know for the first 2-3 months newborns can only see about a foot from their face? 
At the checkup this week:
Dr. Oshiro wants to start seeing me every 2 weeks since we are getting to the time I started labor with Jeremy. I started contraction with J at 31 weeks. I am also measuring on the low end of the scale, which I also did with J. There's some truth when people say, "You are 7 months pregnant?? You are so tiny!" They are not just being nice! So we are getting an ultrasound next week. At the 20 weeks ultrasound the doctor saw a spot in the brain that was as she called it "a variation of normal." She thinks it was a cyst that the baby would grow out of by the time delivery came. And was not worried at all because we were measuring so great. But needless to say, I am going to ask about it since we get an additional ultrasound! I love to watch the baby move around on the US. I often wonder what he/she looks like when I have watching my stomach contort to odd shapes as the baby is getting ready for the summer olympics in there! 
Jeremy has started to notice my tummy kicking him when he is trying to snuggle with me! He kinda thrusts his body back at it! Cracks me up! I tell him the baby wants to say, "Hi." We may take him to the next appointment to see the US. We are still debating this. He still has no idea what's in store for him. Maybe seeing the baby on the tv screen will help him. 

Thanks for tuning in!

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