Mini Marts

Mini Marts
All 5 of us!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Jeremy is almost 2 (gasp)*

Jeremy has the sweetest, most unique personality, with a kick of a temper! I'll try to explain it!

Then again, who can resist a sleeping toddler picture!
That blanket with the polka dots. 1 square foot of baby crack!
Thank you Zia! He LOVES it!
  • Jeremy is so cmpassionate. When someone is hurt, crying, feeling sick, he is right there to comfort you. He plays with our hair in the mornings when we are trying to sleep. He wakes up at 6am, we bring him in bed with us, sometimes he goes back to sleep, other times we it's just us trying to convince him, it really is the best option for all of us! HA! 
  • He loves his routines! When we get in the car he puts the key in the ignition (we have a manual transmission so he can NOT start the car! Don't worry!), turns on the wipers and blinkers then gets into his carseat and clips the chest harness. If we don't have time for him to out the keys in, he is confused. At bed time, we read 2 stories (with his blanket *see photo* and a sippie cup of milk), pray, he climbs into his bed (all on his own), lays with Daddy's t-shirt on his pillow, and waits patiently for us to cover him up and turn on his projector light, thingy and sing "Jesus Loves Me." See here for what I mean on the projector. We really do love it! (Thanks Gramma Bear for the cool gift, while I was pregnant!) If we are getting home late and only do one book, he is insistent that he choose 2!  
  • This boy loves any kind of sport. Balls are his favorite toy!
Hmmm. . . Where is the ball?
Pssst. . . It's behind you!

Soon, we are going to have to make a tule that bats and balls are outside toys!
He is just getting too good! 

  • He loves his boots because Daddy wears boots when he is working in the yard! 

  • We are in a music class on Friday mornings called Musical Munchkins! If you haven't heard of it, you should click on the link to check them out! It's a 45 minutes music class that's 100% interactive for the kids. Miss Cindie teaches them all about music: pitch, instruments,  scales, notes, etc. They got to play a violin last session! Drew is in the class with us, so that makes Jeremy extra excited to go! I don't have many pictures (I'm so bad at taking pictures!) of the most recent session (they are seasonal) but here is when he got a chance to play the violin!
He wasn't too sure about the vibration.
He DID try it though!
  • He is NOT a picky eater! He prefers fruit over anything else, besides pizza! 

  • He loves to have a task and feel helpful! See this post for pictures of Our Little Helper!
  • We have a CD in the car that's all children's worship songs. Jeremy sings the parts he know loud and proud! As soon as we are out of the driveway he asks for which ever song he is in the mood for! 
  • He loves to hang out with his friends Dillon and Drew
Painting on the bac porch

I know I didn't get everything in here but it is 10:30pm and I am so sleepy! I just love all the little things that make up such a wonderful little boy! I often wonder what big plans God has in store for Jeremy. Not that I want to rush to see them at all! I love this age and can't believe 2 years has gone by so fast! 

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