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Mini Marts
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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

33 Weeks (17P Injections)*

Not much to report on this week! Kinda the same as last week. I'm so happy there haven't been bad side effects. I have had night sweats more often. Not only on Thursdays but about twice a night. They have been pretty nasty! I wake up from sweat running down my back or between my boobs! TMI?? This week I got to drive into Corona to get my shot this week! So exciting for a Mama on bed rest! It didn't last long because I was so uncomfortable from sitting up in the car and moving around. More on this under "Bed Rest" below. . . .

Baby Update

Little Eli is about the size of a pineapple (4.4 pounds from the last ultrasound) and about 17 inches long. I read that I am carrying around 10 pounds of baby life support gear (amniotic fluid, placenta, cord, etc). WOW! I'm interested to know what I weigh right after delivery. Prayerfully, that will be in 2  weeks! Although, I may have just lost my mucus plug (before sitting down to write this!). . . More on this below. . .

Bed Rest Update

Bed rest has been a bit of a struggle for me. It's VERY difficult to ask for everything you need. I want to be productive in getting things done that only require sitting in bed, but that means I need things from around the house. For example, trying to write thank you cards for Jeremy's birthday. That requires cards, address book, stamps, return address labels, pens, etc. Good thing I am organized and tell whomever exactly where it is! I am constantly praying through the difficult times and asking God to calm my heart.

As far as labor goes, so far symptoms seem to have subsided. I am not in pain when I am reclined. When I do get up and move my stomach, really uterus, is very tight. I think I may have lost my mucus plug today, I'm not sure because I don't know what it looks like! I have no other labor symptoms, thus why I am blogging and not heading into the hospital. Plus I have an appointment at 3:45pm (It's 1:30pm now) for a check up from when I was discharged so we'll have them check! I'll post a doctor update soon!

In the meantime, please keep praying for us. The prayers truly are working. We can feel them! Tomorrow makes 34 weeks. if this baby follows Jeremy's suit my water will break on Saturday and we'll be delivering Sunday. But we are banking on prayers that we last 2 more weeks!

Pray for. . . .

  • 2 more weeks of bed rest
  • Bobby's patience. He has been so awesome. He just does everything without a single complaint. I know he's exhausted. He falls asleep by 930 each night and is currently taking a nap beside me. he keeps the house clean, organized and Jeremy couldn't be happier to have him home and attentive to him! All this and he goes back to work Friday. Which is hard because he hasn't had any down time at home. He says it's difficult for him to be at work and not caring  for us. We have talked about taking the time off but when there are other people wanting/willing to help it seems like he should save that time for when I deliver and if the baby has to be in the hospital. 
  • Jeremy. He does very well when Bobby is home. He has tougher days when there is somebody else here. He seems to be understanding more each day we explain to him why mommy can't play baseball or play at the sand table or go for a walk. It's a good transition time for him for when the baby comes home. But it still breaks my heart when he is being taken to the bath and crying down the hall, "Mama do bath." 
  • Eli. Whenever he comes, that we are ready and accepting of God's will. Weather it be a healthy full-term, fully developed baby that we get to bring home or a baby that needs some time in the NICU to become stronger. 

Thank you for lifting us up so faithfully! We are overwhelmed by the sweet prayers and love everybody has showed us in the time!

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