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Friday, April 20, 2012

Nursing Helpmates

I recently wrote about my passion for breastfeeding and why I feel like, as a mother we all should breastfeed and not opt for the sometimes easier option of formula. Check that post out here.
I know from experience that it's a difficult thing to set your mind to do. It takes a great amount of patience and determonation. And some helpmates are nice too!  I found quite a few gadget to help me along the way!

  • Nursing Bras: I went through a few brands before I found ones I like. I ended up with Victoria's Secrets. But they no longer sell them! I have heard Bravado is really good. My cousin gave me one. I will let you know how I like in the next few months. Be sure to get one without underwire, as it stunts milk production.

  • Nursing Tanks: Camis with clips on the straps to nurse. These were so nice in the summer! It's hot to nurse in the summer! So to wear just a tank that supports and has easy access was wonderful. I got mine at JCPenny.  They no longer sell the kind I had and I can't find mine! Boo! But I am going to try the Bravado brand this time.
  • Boppy: I got a "My Breast Friend" at a yard sale (for $1, barely used!! I know!!) a few weeks ago. I am pregnant now and will get back to you on which I liked better. 
     Boppy Nursing Pillow with Slipcover                             My Brest Friend Deluxe Nursing Pillow, Chocolate, 0-12 Months   

  • FenuGreek and Blessed Thistle: These are natural herbs that help increase your milk supply. When I was feeling like I wasn't producing enough I took 3 Fenugreek and 2 Blessed Thistle with each meal for 2 days. I saw my milk supply increase by the 3rd day. Almost, too much! I was pumping after each feeding to relieve the pressure. I would stop taking the herb when my milk spiked.
Natures Way Blessed ThistleFenugreek Seed 610 mg by Nature's Way 180 Capsules
  • Medela Pump in Style: There are many pumps out there and so many different versions! I didn't have much time to research and ended up buying mine from the hospital. GREAT buy! It wasn't more expensive then anywhere else I would have bought it from and works great. All the reviews i have read since point to this one! I opted for the back pack carry bag because it was easier to carry then the shoulder bag. 
Medela Black Pump In Style - Adv -Backpack
  • Medela Micro-Steam Bags: LOVED these! So convenient! After pumping you put oz of water in the bag and microwave for 3 minutes and they are ready for the next use. It's so nice when you are at someone's house or on vacation!
Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags

  • Nippleshield: Helps the baby latch easier in the beginning. 
Medela Contact Nipple Shield 20mm
  • Cooling Packs: Officially called: Nursing Care Instant Relief System. Ahhh these offered such relief on days I was sore, both nipples and being engorged.
The First Years Nursing Care Instant Relief System

  • Water and Mint Leaves: Mint is a natural digestive agent. Jeremy had a rough time with his digestive system in the beginning. He would squirm in pain sometimes. I boiled a few mint leaves and gave in an ounce of the water, instant relief! It was incredible. Then i started adding leaves to my water and what a difference it made. I could tell the days I forgot to go out to the garden and pick a few. But boiling them helped when I forgot.
I'm sure I will be adding to this with baby #2 coming soon and many more to come after that! There are so many more thing our there in the past 2 years! What are some things that have helped you? Comment and share with us! 

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